Our New Customizable Courseware!

What is it? Online and Classroom Courses!

Customizable Courseware is a new groundbreaking training and development product that bridges the time, money, and resource gap between eLearning templates and custom course development. Whether you need instruction online or in the classroom, Customizable Courseware provides you with everything you would expect from an off-the-shelf training program with one additional benefit—you get all of the source files. And we mean ALL of it! Each course is written by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), professionally instructionally designed, and developed to provide interactive learning with an amazing visual design.

Any Way You Train It, That’s the Way You Get It

Your organization has unique training needs. Why limit yourself to just an eLearning course or just an instructor-led package when you could have both! This gives you the flexibility to determine how to best deliver your content—online, ILT, or as blended learning. Hold tight; our Customizable Courseware will take you on a training journey unlike any you’ve ever experienced before!

What Can You Expect Along the Way?

eLearning Course

Each eLearning Course comes with:


  • Course Project Files (with Built-In Quiz) (Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, and Articulate Storyline)
  • Published Course Files (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, & xAPI)
  • Graphic Source Files
  • Course Map
  • Job Aid (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Mobile-Ready Source Files

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Each ILT comes with:

  • Facilitator Guide (Microsoft® Word)
  • ILT PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Participant Workbook (Microsoft Word)
  • Published Quiz Files (Adobe® Captivate, Trivantis® Lectora, & Articulate® Storyline)
  • Supplemental Classroom Materials (Microsoft Word)
  • Job Aid (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Getting Started Guide

Easy Customization!

All Customizable Courseware materials are built natively in some of the most common learning authoring tools, so it’s super simple and quick to make changes as needed.



Change It.

Modifying course content is a breeze. Add or change learning objectives, author new modules, and even write your own quiz questions…even update scenarios to reflect your own workplace roles and policies.

Brand It.

Customize each course to match your company brand. With the source file provided, it’s easy to update colors or insert brand-approved images and logos.

Train It.

Classroom. eLearning. Blended Learning.
Our Customizable Courseware gives you everything you need to deliver effective, interactive, and personalized learning.

(ILT PowerPoint and eLearning Course)


Complete library of courses for the cost of developing 2 – 3 from scratch

Annual licensing by organization, not per delivery or learner

Increase ROI on your eLearning dev and tool investments


Weeks of design and development time baked into every course

Why start from scratch when you can customize yourself?

Even a team of one can deliver highly customized learning


Become an eLearning Rockstar™

Help employees work smarter

Mitigate risk

Develop future leaders

Increase employee retention

Hours You Save!

Instructional Design & Writing

40 hrs

Storyboard Writing

20 hrs


eLearning Development

80 hrs


Classroom Materials

40 hrs



Jump start your training with these libraries.

Professional Soft Skills

  1. Business Ethics
  2. Coaching Others
  3. Communicating Effectively
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Creative Problem Solving
  6. Customer Service
  7. Handling a Difficult Customer
  8. Interpersonal Skills
  9. Meeting Management
  10. Negotiation Skills
  11. Presentation Skills
  12. Stress Management
  13. Time Management
  14. Work-Life Balance
  15. Workplace Harassment

Griffin Hill Sales System™ Library

  1. Leverage the Science of Sales Success
  2. Kickstart Your Pipeline
  3. Pitch Like a Pro
  4. Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy
  5. Schedule the Next Event
  6. Uncover Needs and Goals Together
  7. Sell the Solution
  8. Solidify Commitment
  9. Close Difficult Deals
  10. Identify True Buyer Objections
  11. Manage Objections Gracefully