Frequently Asked Questions

“What company is eLearning Brothers?”
eLearning Brothers is a group of enthusiastic graphic and instructional designers, developers and programmers. Their goal is to “create eLearning awesomeness” by providing high-quality, interactive, easy to use, templates and assets for eLearning designers. We want to provide amazing assets to help you develop awesome training. Our templates can be easily used in most rapid elearning software programs like Lectora.


“How do I purchase?”
Our templates and asset libraries are available through your Lectora sales partner.

“How much is a subscription?”
Many of our templates and assets are included in Lectora Inspire as part of the software and don’t cost any additional amount. Lectora Publisher users can purchase the templates and assets separately. Contact your Lectora sales partner.

“How do I log-in and access the templates and assets?“
They are available in the Lectora software program and also at

“How do I determine the # of designers that I need to include in my subscription?”
Basically you need to answer the question, “How many people will be using the templates/assets to build content?”. Each person (designer), that will be using the templates/assets, needs to be included in the subscription.

“Can I purchase just one template?”
No. Templates are only offered through an annual subscription.

“Is there a limit to how many users can take training that I created using these templates?”

“Can I sell courses/content that I created using your templates? ”
Yes. You can use our templates to built courses that you sell. You can’t resell our templates as “templates”. They must be populated with content and be integrated into your project.

“Is there a download limit?”
You can download and use as many templates as you’d like during the year. Daily limits however do apply.

“Can I download and “store” your templates on my hard-drive or a shared-server?”
The library is designed for you to download templates as you need them. You should not be “stock piling” templates or images to use at a later date.

“What are your Terms of Use?”
With a subscription, you purchase a license to use our templates. You can use those to build as many training courses as you’d like. We ask that you download the templates as you need them and not “stock pile” them. View all the details: Terms of Use

“How many templates can I download daily?”
You can download unlimited templates over the span of your subscription. However, daily download limits do apply. For example, a single user account can download 30 files per day. If you need more just contact us.

“Do I need to give eLearning Brothers credit when I use the templates?”
No. (However, feel free to do so if you’d like.)

“Do I need to keep the eLearning Brothers logo on the files?”
No. The version that you download will not have our logo.

“How do I download / access templates?”
You can access them directly from within Lectora from the blue tabs on the far right. You’ll be prompted to login and you can then browse the template library and download files directly to Lectora.

“What versions of Lectora Inspire/Publisher/Online are supported?”
We currently support Lectora 11 and 12 and Lectora Online.  Each template has a description of which versions are supported.

“What file type are the templates?”
Templates built in Lectora are saved as .awo Library Objects.

What other types of templates are included beyond Lectora files?
You also have access to Adobe Flash, Edge Animate, and PowerPoint files.

“What file type are the images?”
The files are .pngs with transparent backgrounds.

“Are new characters added?
Yes we added new characters throughout the year. You will automatically get access to them.

“Do the Illustrated characters come with the .eps (Adobe Illustrator) files?”

“What sizes are files are available?”
There are 5 sizes to choose from: web, small, medium, large, x-large, and original.

“What types of images are available?”
There are .jpg photos and .eps / .png illustrations.

“What types of videos are available?”
There are .mp4 and Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

“What types of audio clips are available?”


Will these work on mobile devices?
We have been creating HTML 5 versions of our games. There is a icon on each file thumbnail that indicates whether the HTML 5 version is live.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use the Interaction Builder?
No. Just log into the website to create your interactions. No software to install.

What are the system requirements to use your interaction builder?
Just an internet connection and web-browser (with the Flash plugin. Over 99% of browsers have this.). We are not a software…just a website.

Will this work on my Mac?
Yes. You just need a web-browser, for example Safari.

What audio formats are supported for upload into interactions?
MP3 is the format that is currently supported.

What image formats are supported for upload into interactions?
.jpg, .gif. png.

Why do the images in the preview window look “fuzzy”?
The preview window optimizes your images so that it will load more quickly. The images in your downloaded file will look like the original image you uploaded.

Can I upload video into the games?
At this time no.

Are these files AICC and/or Scorm compliant?
Our interactions and games can be embedded into any eLearning software and Learning Management System. HTML 5 format will pass a SCORM completion status and score. You will need to contact us for the SCORM wrapper files.