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Games, interactions, scenarios and more! Lectora Inspire comes with tons of interactive templates. This is the perfect way to kick-start your Lectora course development and be an eLearning Rockstar!

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What’s Included:

The Template Library has tons of interactive templates that are built in and/or are compatible with Lectora. Many of the templates are built directly in Lectora and you get the .AWO (Library Object) project files. Open and edit them directly in Lectora.


Games and Quizzes




Page Layouts




Navigation Players


Course Starters


Icons and Graphics


Save Development Time

Beginners and experts will love the Lectora Templates. Just browse the library of pre-built Lectora templates and edit them directly in Lectora. Since the templates are built natively in Lectora, you have access to modify and tweak the template however you’d like.  Just add your course content and your done or tear it apart and use parts and pieces. Either way you’ll save tons of time.

Be a Rockstar

We want you to be a rockstar! Templates not only speed up your development time, they also help you increase your Lectora skills. Open the templates and see how we built them. Look under the hood and use our tricks to make your courses amazing. We want everyone to be blown away by your awesome courses.

Look Awesome

You’ve got a cool job building eLearning. Now it’s time to take it up a notch and create awesomeness. The templates have stellar visual designs and are ready to make any course look professional and creative.


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Templates in Action:

Here are some examples of how templates can be combined to create courses in Lectora.

Lectora Template Example 1
Lectora Template Example 3
Lectora Template Example 2

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icon_templatesLectora Course Starter Templates View all

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icon_templatesLectora Interaction Templates View all

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icon_templatesLectora Scenario Templates View all

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icon_templatesLectora Layout Templates View all

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icon_templatesLectora Navigation Player Templates View all

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